Manila-Bacolod “A Worth Driving For”


Special Note: If ever you are planning to visit Bacolod via land travel (RORO) here’s a simple blog to guide you. 

Also, I would like to give credits to mama for making this travel possible. Love you!


A local Negrense pulling up the anchor vessel.



Our original plan was to leave Quezon City at exactly 7:30pm but due to some delays we were able to depart at 9:00pm. Upon checking other Manila-Bacolod RORO experience online, the travel time will be around 20 hours so I don’t want to waste time as much as possible.

Twas 11:00pm when we’ve reached Batangas port, though late we were managed to grab a slot in Montenegro passenger vessel. After an hour the queue increases and the marine officer begins to load the passengers, private and public vehicles including us in the vessel. I was a little bit amuse and excited because this was a kind of adventure for me.  My excitement grew more as I heard the vessel engine started to depart from Batangas, I exclaimed “Here we go Negros!”. (I will give the total expenses at the end of this blog please bear with me po).

Batangas Port to Calapan Port

            Time Travel: 2-3 Hours (this will vary depends on the sea, weather and vessel).

            We’ve arrived in Calapan at 3:00am and completely exit the vessel after 30 minutes. Now our adventure continue… next destination? Roxas Port, travel time was 2-3 hours, Kudos for the nautical highway project we were able to reach Roxas in 2 hours. Mom told me “hataw daw ako” well thanks to my adrenalin rush. We were their as early as 5am but the next RORO schedule was at 10:30am. I’m quite disheartened but I don’t let the moment ruined my excitement. So we waited for hours, eat breakfast, watch movie online and nap for a little while. As the ship arrived, Mom already bought us our passenger tickets and vehicle pass (note: driver is free of charge to all ROROs). So for this, the travel time is around 5-6 hours.

Roxas Port – Caticlan Port

           3:30pm our vessel reached Caticlan Port (Kalibo, Aklan). We were supposed to do side trips in Boracay but I’ve changed my mind. I wanted to moved faster to catch vessel in Dumangas Port of Iloilo City because it will cost us another 5 hours of driving to reach the place. So I drove up to the town of Dingle and then ask sub to take rest.. Now my friend drove the car (happy kid!). As we move along,  Mom asked to stop in nearby Karinderias to buy us dinner and eat it inside the port.

            We we’re almost near to our destination maybe around 10 minutes more when suddenly our car accidentally hit the road being constructed. (there was no traffic signage i think 😦 too bad ) “Bang!” The left side of our tyres where damaged heavily and cause us to stop in a nearby local resident. Though we were devastated to what happened, God didn’t left us helpless. Praise the Lord! I could say the people in Dumangas City were so accommodating, hospitable and kind people… true to its word “Kahit saan ka mapunta basta may Filipino buhay ka” So we had to stay overnight in Dumangas nearby Inn and avail two brand new sets of Tyres in the next morning.

            Tuesday 6am, Mom moved early to find suitable tyres for our car. I am thankful for the people who helped us specially Mr. ___________ a teacher by profession in Dumangas along with his friends and also for the vulcanising shop where we left our car. God is great! Indeed we are really thankful and survived everything. To sum up everything, the car was good to go again so we travel with extra caution now.

Dumangas Port – Bacolod Port

      As we arrived in Dumangas Port at 11:00am, we were easily booked a vessel and travel without waiting. I could say that among all the ports, this was the easiest to handle. So finally this was the last RoRo travel and we’re home. As the vessel moved and reached Bacolod in 2 hours, everything was smooth now. Mom got more confident that we will reached Toboso (Our Hometown) safely. So we passed by  Bacolod city and then the famous Silay where the Airport and old establishments situated. Around 3:00pm we made a stopped over in the Manapla to eat late lunch. The food and ambiance here is good, feels like a resort in the middle of Sugar Cane plantation…I hope you’ll try.